Ungl’Unl’Rrlh’Chchch – Ungl’Unl’Rrlh’Chchch (United Kingdom, 2003 [2013 rerelease])


Ungl’Unl’Rrlh’Chchch – Ungl’Unl’Rrlh’Chchch (United Kingdom, 2003 [2013 rerelease])

Originally released on CDr in 2003. Released by Dungeon Tapes ‎(011) limited to 50 copies.


  1. Deep Engulfing Ancient Evil Chambers
  2. The Colour Out of Space
  3. Azathoth
  4. ‘Cthulhu Fhtagn’
  5. Ungl’Unl’Rrlh’Chchch
  6. Azathoth (Bonus track, rehearsal version)
  7. Chtulu Fhtagon (Bonus track, rehearsal version



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